The main attraction of Vinci is undoubtedly the Leonardo Museum, which houses the oldest collection of machines dedicated to the work of Leonardo, scientist, technologist and engineer.

The idea of ​​opening a museum dedicated to Leonardo was born in 1919, on the occasion of the celebrations for the fourth centenary of his death, but it opened to the public only in 1953 thanks to the generous gesture of IBM, which donated a series of models reconstructed on the basis of Leonardo’s drawings. Time has passed since then and today the museum itinerary is arranged over several locations: the first rooms are set up in the Palazzina Uzielli while the remaining exhibition sections are housed in the medieval Castello dei Conti Guidi, the historic seat of the museum. The itinerary also includes the “Leonardo and Painting” section at Villa del Ferrale and Leonardo’s birthplace in Anchiano.

The museum, which is accessed from the spectacular entrance of Piazza dei Guidi, houses one of the largest and most original collections of machines and models that reconstruct Leonardo’s projects, more or less feasible, with scientific precision. Through these extraordinary collections the museum documents the breadth of interests of the Renaissance genius.

The Palazzina Uzielli hosts the sections: “Construction machinery”, “Textile manufacturing machines”, “Mechanical clocks” and “Leonardo and Anatomy”. At the Palazzina there are also spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions and a large room for educational paths.

The Castello dei Conti Guidi houses the sections: “War machines”, “Bridges”, “Studies on flight”, “Mechanisms and tools”, “The bicycle and the self-propelled chariot”, “The waters”, “The optics and perspective “and” The geometric solids “. At the end of the visit, from the panoramic terrace on the top of the castle tower you can admire a wonderful panorama, similar to that depicted by Leonardo in his maps and landscape drawings.

The historic Villa del Ferrale hosts a section on Leonardo’s life as a painter: you can admire the reproductions of all his paintings and some drawings, made in high definition and life-size thanks to an innovative technology that makes them identical to the originals. The reproductions alternate with didactic installations and explanatory videos.

The visit ends with Leonardo’s birthplace, where a life-size hologram tells his most intimate and personal side. Moreover, a digital reproduction allows you to appreciate every detail of the famous Last Supper.

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