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Cookie policy

Pursuant to the Provision no. 229, issued by the Personal Data Protection Authority on May 8, 2014, this website provides the following information on cookies and on their functions, as well as instructions on how to disable them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by the user send and record on his/her pc or on any other device, even mobile, to be sent back to the original sites on the next visit.

Cookies are used for various purposes, for instance, to remember the user’s actions and preferences (such as, for instance, login data, selected language, font size, other display settings, etc.) so that they must not re-entered when the user returns to the same site or surfs from one of its pages to another; or to perform computer authentications, to monitor sessions and store information on the activities of user who access a site, and they can also contain a unique ID code that allows keeping track of the user’s surfing within the site for statistic or advertising purposes.

Cookies can be sent by this website or also by different sites (the so-called “third party” cookies). Some operations cannot be carried out without using cookies that in some cases are technically necessary for the site to work.

Types of cookies found on the site  this website and relevant functions

There are various types of cookies, according to their characteristics and functions:

– Technical cookies, which are used for the sole purpose of sending a communication on an electronic communication network, or in the measure strictly necessary to provide a service explicitly requested by the user. In other words, these cookies are indispensable to make this website work, or necessary to perform activities that you have requested;

– Navigation or session cookies, used to allow you to login in the reserved area of this website or to make a purchase on our site;

– Analytics cookies, used to collect information, in an aggregate form, on the number  of users of this website and of the displayed pages (for instance, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Mailchimp). Please, refer to the relevant policies that can change from time to time and that we recommend consulting every now and then, where you will find more detailed information:;

– Function cookies, which allow you to surf this website at your best, according to already selected criteria and options (such as, for instance, your preferred language) so that you won’t have to select such option or the products you have chosen at every access, and they can be stored in the virtual trolley until your next visit to our site

All the above-described types of cookies can stay in your computer or mobile device for different times, according to their function.

The cookies stored in your computer or mobile device cannot be used to recall any of the data stored in your hard disk, transmit viruses, identify and use your e-mail address, or for purposes other than those described above.

How to modify cookie settings

You can set and manage your cookie preferences at any time, by selecting which cookies you want to authorize, block or cancel, totally or partially, through the settings of your browser.

Find here below the path to follow to manage the cookies from the following browsers: Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Apple Safari | Microsoft Windows Explorer | Opera

We will store your cookie preferences thanks to a dedicated technical cookie.

For more information and details on the various types of cookies, their functions and characteristics, visit the free access sites, independent from this website: and

We inform you that blocking or cancel, totally or partially:
– technical cookies, could make it impossible to use our site, see its contents and use the relevant services;
– function cookies, could make some services or site functions unavailable or working incorrectly, forcing you to modify or manually enter some information or preferences every time you visit the site;
– of other cookies (analytics), will not affect the site efficiency.

For all other information on personal data treatment by  this website, we invite you to carefully read our Privacy Policy.